A personal project

Here we go again friends… I enjoyed doing this so much in February, I decided then to do it twice a year. So here it is… A personal project for August. A snap shot of my boys and every day life. Every day for a month x

Day 1  –  Bath time is the best time of the day for these two water babies.

1 aug



Day 2


Day 3  –  Playing together nicely and sharing the new toy, a moment definitely worth capturing!


Day 4  –  Tugging at my jumper again, this little guy just LOVES to be carried and cuddled. So different to his big brother at this age.


Day 5  –  Helping me pack for my little getaway. Im off to the Gold Coast for the Baby Summit… 4 nights away from my babies, and the first time i have left this little guy for more than a few hours! Good luck to you and me my little one x

5 aug


Day 10  –  Home again!! I had such an amazing life changing time, but missed these 3 so much. I thought it was appropriate to feature all of them and then this happened…

10 aug 110 aug 210 aug 3


Day 11

11 aug


Day 12  –  My beautiful boy with a smile that melts my heart every time.

12 aug


Day 13  –  Birthday cake time!! I missed this little guys 1st birthday last week 😦  So today we had cake! I think he liked it

13 aug


Day 14  –  I think his shirt says it all 🙂


Day 15  – Im not sure what you’re looking at little dude but it seems to be making you smile!


Day 16  –  Not feeling the best today, but still happy enough to play a bit of peek a boo with me.

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