The Baby Summit Australia

The Baby Summit…. What a truly AMAZING experience.

I just spent 4 days in QLD completely immersed in everything to do with newborn, baby and maternity photography. I learned so much, laughed so much and grew so much.

I learnt technical things like posing, workflow and lighting, to business things like time management, SEO, pricing structures and how to run a business effectively.

I learnt that i do some things pretty well, and that i suck in other areas! I have figured out where i am wasting my energy and now know where to focus it.

I made some amazing new friends, and met some of my favourite photographers of all time.

As much as i missed my 3 boys, and i did. (I missed my little ones 1st birthday which was pretty hard to do) I feel it was worth it. It was so good to have some me time and spend so much time focused on my passion.

I have come home renewed, refreshed and inspired. I am implementing some changes already and you will see some of these in the next few weeks. I will be restructuring my business model and becoming a better and more successful photographer!

Thank you to Kelly Brown Rob Brown and Garrett Hollis for organising the event, and to all the speakers i had the pleasure of seeing. Until next year!!! 😉


Excuse the crappy iPhone photos but they are fun!!


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