Our Family Photos

So if I’m honest, I’m a bit slack when it comes to getting family photos done of my own family. I have SO many photos of my boys, but not many of my boys and myself. Or even any recent ones of the 4 of us all together. So last September, during our family holiday to Port Douglas, I decided that had to change! I did some research, found an incredible photographer whose style I really loved and contacted her. Of course she was totally booked out, (right in the middle of her busy wedding season!) But she penciled in the dates we were in the area, and said she would give me a last minute call if she had a spare few hours one afternoon. I crossed my fingers… waited…and she called!

We organised to meet about half way between Port Douglas and Cairns, at a little beach called Ellis Beach. It was beautiful. We arrived and finally got to meet the photographer I had been stalking on instagram!  Talia. She was so lovely and made the photoshoot so fun. Her relaxed style was totally ‘us’ and I love the photos she took for us. We chatted like old friends and we have kept in touch since. If anyone is in the area, or holidaying to the area or getting married… I can’t recommend Talia enough! You will find her at The Picture Box, and you can see more of her beautiful weddings and portraits here: http://www.picturebox.net.au

Here is a glimpse into our holiday photos. Thank you again Talia x

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