Photo A Day – Feb 2017

A personal project for February. A snap shot of my boys and every day life. Every day for a month x


DAY 28 – FEB 2017 – I know this isn’t the happiest photo of you… but I love it. It captures you perfectly. Your curious mind that never rests, always thinking, pondering the way the world works. I’m convinced you will work it all out one day. x


DAY 27 – FEB 2017 – I love that you love helping me in the garden. You mostly love watering, but you also love picking the tomatoes and finding flowering buds to show me.


DAY 26 – FEB 2017 – The way you eat food… I have no words! I just can’t help but just watch you, be surprised every time, laugh, photograph you, and then clean up the mess!


DAY 25 – FEB 2017 – Bath time is the best when your brother is in it with you. x


DAY 24 – FEB 2017 – A cardboard box brings you endless hours of fun. Your imagination is growing bigger every day and your games and ideas are never ending. x


DAY 23 – FEB 2017 – You woke up early this morning, before your brother which is rare. You jumped at the opportunity to play with his blocks without his ‘help’. I loved watching you concentrate while you were lit by the early morning sun.


DAY 22 – FEB 2017 – Because jumping in puddles is just the BEST!


DAY 21 – FEB 2017 – Helping me water the garden… so much fun in and around the water this summer!


DAY 20 – FEB 2017 – Helping me cook… and eating peanut butter out of the jar… why not?!


DAY 19 – FEB 2017 – The cackle of laughter when you two play well together is quite simply the best sound my ears have ever heard. x


DAY 18 – FEB 2017 – A sneaky night time movie x


DAY 17 – FEB 2017 – Fly high my little man x


DAY 16 – FEB 2017 – Just because I love seeing you play with the sunlight on your face x


DAY 15 – FEB 2017 – One of you is so neat and clean you use a spoon to eat the end of your ice block, just so it doesn’t drip. The other one… well the bowl gets tipped upside down, and your drippy mess of an ice block gets rubbed on the table, your clothes, the deck, all of the outdoor furniture… and then you eat it 😣 You are SO different, yet the best of friends. x


DAY 14 – FEB 2017 – One of my cute dates this valentines day 😘


DAY 13 – FEB 2017 – You were so brave today. You had your needles and you handled it all like a hero. No tears, no complaints. And then you helped your baby brother with his. You have such a kind heart little one, sleep well. X


DAY 12 – FEB 2017 – Your dad can make you smile like no other 😍


DAY 11 – FEB 2017 – Because some days you wake up too early for me! So I give you your breakfast on the lounge in front of the tv. It’s not perfect parenting but it’s real and it keeps us both much happier on these days! Plus I love watching you there bathed in the orange morning sun 🌞


DAY 10 – FEB 2017 – My emotional baby. This sums you up perfectly…you were fighting with your brother, upset only 5 seconds ago…this is the moment between those tears and a big beautiful smile! ❤️❤️❤️

DAY 9 – FEB 9 2017 – I think this month is going to have a strong theme of water! It’s been so hot, and you are such a water baby. The joy is contagious. x


DAY 8 – FEB 2017 – Such concentration… As soon as you build this tower, you will knock it down laughing sending blocks hurtling everywhere. Then repeat 😄


DAY 7 – FEB 2017 – I just adore this photo 😍 That smile. Those eyes. My world ❤️


DAY 6 – FEB 2017 – 18 months today. 18 amazing months with this fine specimen in our lives ❤️😆

DAY 5 – FEB 2017 – An effervescent entrance for my bubbly little 4 year old! 💦

DAY 4 – FEB 2017 – (This one is a photo my dad took on the way home from our weekend in Bowral.) -You and Poppy saw some old cars somewhere on your journey home and of course you had to have a closer look!

DAY 3 – FEB 2017 – A personal project for February. A snap shot of my boys and every day life. Every day for a month x (I missed the first two days this month, we were away and I had a migraine so I couldn’t even think about using my big girls camera! This was taken on my iPhone at breakfast one day) – You are by far the messiest child I have ever known! Meal times with you are a fun filled catastrophe every time. Today you enjoyed watermelon like no one I have ever seen ☺️

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