Photo – a – day 2018

A personal project for January. A snap shot of my boys and every day life. Every day for a month x


DAY 1 – JANUARY 2018 – 2018! Wow! Another year, another project. I have just looked back on last year’s project and I am so glad I do this! It is so nice to see you boys grow and remember our daily life. So here we are, day one, in the bath! Still a favourite play time for both of you. Tonight it was a dinosaur kind of bath.


DAY 2 – JANUARY 2018 – Stop looking so grown up! I can’t get over how much you have matured over these past few months. In a few short weeks you will start big school and you will grow up even more. Where has my baby gone?!


DAY 3 – JANUARY 2018 – You two truly are the best of friends. When you stop arguing long enough to play together, the giggles are magical.


DAY 4 – JANUARY 2018 – No words. Just cuteness.


DAY 5 – JANUARY 2018 – Those eyes… full of wonder and mischief.


DAY 6 – JANUARY 2018 – Your two furry friends are never far away. By your side as you fight sleep. You are so tired you are nearly asleep on the floor!


DAY 7 – JANUARY 2018 – Early morning snuggles in our bed.


DAY 8 – JANUARY 2018 – Poppy, dummy and tigers… the definition of contentment.


DAY 9 – JANUARY 2018 – ‘May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face.’


DAY 10 – JANUARY 2018 – Just because I never want to forget this… so much cuteness in one shower!


DAY 11 – JANUARY 2018 – Your last day as a four year old… waiting patiently for you birthday cake to finish cooking.


DAY 12 – JANUARY 2018 – Five! And just like that you are five years old! You have been waiting to be five for weeks. Today is the day and your excitement is beautiful x


DAY 13 – JANUARY 2018 – Summer days! You are like a fish in the water these days, no fear and never high enough!

DAY 14 – JANUARY 2018 – “Hello”


DAY 15 – JANUARY 2018 – Those chubby fingers. Those baby cheeks. Those eyelashes. Your cute nose… Trying to capture all the gorgeous details… I have a feeling that this time next year you will look so much more grown up and all these baby details will have transformed into a little boy.


DAY 16 – JANUARY 2018 – I am loving the pool days with my boys this summer. You are both natural water babies and it makes my heart happy to see you love it so much.


DAY 17 – JANUARY 2018 – Summer daze


DAY 18 – JANUARY 2018 – You can’t get enough of your lego these days. I’m not sure who likes it more though… you or your Daddy!


DAY 19 – JANUARY 2018 – There is nothing better than exploring the rock pools, finding treasures and racing boats with friends.


DAY 20 – JANUARY 2018 – I tried to sneak up on you both to see what all the giggles were about… I was sprung!


DAY 21 – JANUARY 2018 – Some quiet time after a big day in the sun. Squeezing onto the little lounge together just so you can be close. xx


DAY 22 – JANUARY 2018 – “Boo!”


DAY 23 – JANUARY 2018 – Keeping an eye out for any helicopters coming in to land.


DAY 24 – JANUARY 2018 – “Can you see us mum?”


DAY 25 – JANUARY 2018 – We had to wait up a bit later tonight so you could try out your new glow in the dark car track in the dark.


DAY 26 – JANUARY 2018 – I can’t get over how grown up you look in this photo! My baby is nearly off to big school and it’s very surreal. But for now, ice blocks it is 🙂


DAY 27 – JANUARY 2018 – Just hanging around.


DAY 28 – JANUARY 2018 – Practicing your yo-yo skills!


DAY 29 – JANUARY 2018 – Summer days = mangos and mess!


DAY 30 – JANUARY 2018 – “Are they here yet mum?” Waiting, impatiently for your cousins to arrive.


DAY 31 – JANUARY 2018 – We started the month in bath, and ended in a bath/shower. This is the last one for my big boy before he starts his adventure at big school in the morning! I can’t believe it! You are so excited and so brave. Ready for a very big big step into the world of school. I think it’s safe to say that your baby brother will miss you terribly. And me too xx

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